Naked Nails

All nail artists love to have beautifully polished nails, right? Although it may look much better than your bare nails, is it really healthier? Follow my easy tips below to ensure that, even though you love polish, your nails stay as healthy as they can be!

Let them “breathe”: If you do your polish nearly every day, leave your nails polish-less every 5-7 days for about a day or two. Not only does this strengthen the nails, but it prevents that yellow stain that nail polish sometimes leave on your nails. While your nails are bare, be sure to apply a cuticle treatment.

Are your nails already stained with yellow from too much polish or just naturally weak? A quick at-home remedy you can do is, in any free time, fill a cotton ball with lemon juice. Let the cotton ball sit on each nail for about 3 minutes (3 x 10 = 30 or about the length of one TV show!). If you do this whenever your nails are naked and you have some free time, you will notice that your nails will become less yellow and much stronger? This is because lemon juice’s natural minerals transfer directly onto your nails and allows the protein (keratin) to grow properly on your nails.

My naked nails 🙂

Naked Nails


Nail Care Tips: Shaping

Nail care is ideal for both men and women, but this step is usually a woman’s job (although a little filing of the nails could never hurt a guy). You can buy nail files to shape your nails pretty much anywhere. Forever 21, your local drugstore… you name it and they probably have nail files, pretty cheap too. To get a good quality file that won’t break easily or hurt your nails, you may need to spend a bit more money (still only a couple dollars).

Screen shot 2013-08-05 at 10.19.54 PM

You can file your nails to any of the above shapes. My nails used to be “Round”, but as I have become more experienced with nail art, I realized that that just wasn’t my shape. Now I usually file my nails somewhere in between “Square” and “Squoval” because the tops are straight, but the edges are a bit curved. Finding which shape fits your look and lifestyle the best is the hard part. The easy part is maintaining the shape and doing a little bit of touching up with the file every once in a while.

Again, once you find your ideal shape, it is just one less obstacle you must overcome in becoming a better nail artist!


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